About me and this site


Working as IT Operations Manager for all systems related to CloudBees delivery of products.

  • CloudBees Jenkins
  • KubeCD (Jenkins-X)
  • DevOptics - Value Stream analysis and visualisation

CloudBees platform spans Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure - and the various flavours of datastore, storage and compute that each provider offers.

The CloudBees IT Operations team spans Europe, Asia, US (East and West), Australia, Belgium and Japan

The team also advises and guides the larger software engineering group and support team members on how to execute and develop on the CloudBees managed infrastructure.


  • Software engineer at CloudBees from 2010-present
  • Ran The Codehaus for quite some time - early 2000s through to 2015.
  • Contract software engineer for telco billing / healthcare / government (1997-2010)
  • Commercial development experience in Delphi, Java, Ruby, Python, Golang - varying levels of proficiency depending how long ago it was / how long I used them for!
  • Never really “got into” OSS software development, but I occasionally dabble and make updates to things like GoldenCheetah for fun.